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General information and terms of service

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Security and privacy

In accordance with applicable laws and regulations, we guarantee that your personal information will be kept private and secure; we don't sell, rent share or otherwise disclose personally identifiable information to any third parties. In order to view or change your personal information, please click on “mon compte” (my account).

All the necessary steps have been taken to ensure full safety  and security of our customers' information and deals. When creating your account, the site sends you a personal login and password to the e-mail address you have provided. Your account is personal and permanent. It will be of use for all your registrations to the tours/outings.

Prices – payment – refund

Our prices are calculated on the basis of admission fees applicable to students for visits to museums, monuments or sites. If you are not a student, or if you have forgotten your student card, you may be asked to pay an additional entrance fee.

Safe online payment(Paybox) is made by credit card or bank card. When making the payment, you will be asked to read and sign in the present terms and conditions.  Once the payment is finalized, an e-mail confirming receipt of your purchase and describing its details will be sent to you. This e-mail is proof of your payment.

Cancellation and refund policy. Eligibility to refund is strictly limited to unforeseen circumstances (severe injury or accident, severe illness, hospital stay, etc…) In this case, please contact us as soon as possible at

Conditions and acceptance

The outing may be all-inclusive in which case a set menu (most often local/regional cuisine as described in the leaflet) is proposed and can neither be changed nor refunded. So, if you think the menu does not suit you, we recommend you not to register for the outing.

On the day of the tour/ outing

Don’t forget your student card. You will be asked to show it to the guide before climbing onto the bus. If you cannot prove that you are a student, you may be asked to pay additional entrance fee at museums or monuments.

Be on time. The bus won’t wait for you, and you won’t be eligible to any refund.

You declare being sufficiently fit to undertake the activities planned in the program of the outing, as described in the leaflet.

You declare having read and agreed to the “how to register” section and the general terms and conditions above-stated.


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